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Professional Home Inspection Service

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Thermal Imaging Services

Thermal Electrical Inspection


Thermal imaging surveys of cabinets and components for loose connections and overloads.

Thermal Leak Detection


Thermal cameras locates leaks in pipes. Leaks are pin located without destructive digging.

Thermal Radiant Heating Inspection


Radiant heating pipes can be located with thermal cameras. Breaks are located without destructive digging

Thermal Solar Panel Inspection


Thermal imaging finds defective cells and poor electrical connections in solar panels.

Thermal Structural Inspection


Find structural deficiencies with thermal cameras.

Animal, Dairy, and Equine Thermal Imaging Inspections


Detect soft tissue injuries that may otherwise go undetected. Thermal imaging provides an objective assessment of the situation where communication between animal and veterinarian may be limited, or not properly understood through other methods. Thermal imaging can assess changes in body surface temperature quickly and remotely for disease detection, physiologic monitoring, and welfare assessment. Common conditions can be picked-up before clinical signs, allowing you to administer treatment, or call the vet sooner - saving time, money and stress.

Thermal Mechanical Inspection


Thermal imaging for mechanical equipment finds excess heat caused by wear, lack of lubrication and other factors.